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Meet Cristy Jones

As an employee benefits advisor, I enjoy working on a personal level with business owners and their employees. I decided to form Cristy Jones Insurance Services in 2006 after working in the employee benefits insurance industry for twenty years. I wanted to combine my “big brokerage” background, knowledge and expertise, with a hands-on, personalized consulting approach. My breadth of experience enables me to develop custom employee benefits plans that match the goals and objectives of small and mid-size businesses. I believe in making employee benefits simpler and more streamlined, so that my clients can focus on what they do best – running their business.

I understand the inner workings of medical insurers

Previous to forming Cristy Jones Insurance Services, I spent seven years working for Blue Shield of California in the San Francisco Bay Area, as a Senior Account Executive for Individual & Family Plans, Small Groups and Large Groups. I was responsible for marketing Blue Shield’s medical, dental, vision and life products to independent agents and brokers. My experience at Blue Shield gave me an expansive background on the inner workings of a medical insurer, including the installation of new employer groups, underwriting, membership and billing, claims, and provider contracting and negotiating. This knowledge enables me to help my clients choose the best plan for their needs and ensure that their employees’ claims and billing issues are resolved quickly and effectively.

Cristy Jones | Employee Benefit Consultant | San Rafael

The right coverage at the most favorable cost

Subsequently, I worked for five years at Acordia in San Francisco, which provided me with the knowledge of working on the “broker” side of the business. I learned how to evaluate my clients’ concerns, goals and objectives, and then help them secure exactly the right coverage at the most favorable cost. I worked with clients as small as two employees and as large as 700 employees, all with different needs.

As the owner of Cristy Jones Insurance Services, I have continued my relationships with insurance carriers and HR administrative vendors, which enable me to deliver the same, leveraged pricing as when I worked for a large firm. My ability to negotiate with insurance carriers and vendors brings the best pricing and value to my clients and saves them money and time.

For more information about employee benefits plans, and to get a personalized quote, please contact me, employee benefits advisor Cristy Jones, at Cristy Jones Insurance Services: (415) 460-1200 or email: cjones@cristyjonesins.com.

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